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Phrakru Phattharakitwibul (Luang Pho Kaan Pattako)


Luang Pho Kaan was the former abbot of Wat Huay Yai in Huay Yai sub-district, Banglamung district, Chonburi province. His body remains intact inside a glass coffin to this day. He was instrumental in developing Wat Huay Yai into a prosperous and well-known temple, as well as contributing to the construction of other temples such as Wat Na Jomtien, Wat Thung Lahan, and Wat Cha Kangao. In fact, he initiated the construction of the Na Jomtien road, which spans 8 kilometers and leads to Baan Bueng road. Luang Pho Kaan was highly respected as a good practitioner, developer, and revered monk.

Luang Pho Kaan was born with the name "Kaan" and the surname "Charoenklung" in house number 5 of Huay Yai sub-district, Banglamung district, Chonburi province on November 20, 1919. This corresponds to Thursday, the 13th night of the waning moon in the ninth month of the Year of the Rooster. His father's name was Seng and his mother's name was Nit, with the surname Charoenklung. They were farmers by profession. During his youth, Luang Pho Kaan was interested in Buddhism and enjoyed offering food to monks.


Ordination of Novice

At the age of 14, he was ordained as a novice at Wat Huay Yai in Huay Yai Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province. However, his intention was to study and gain knowledge in both reading and writing Thai and Khmer languages, as well as various scripts, until he became proficient.

Full (or
higher) ordinatio

"When he was 20 years old, Luang Pho Kaan said that after spending only 5 minutes being questioned as a novice, he was immediately ordained as a monk."

- The Phra Preceptor, Phra Ajarn Loy Noyam, is the 8th abbot of Wat Huay Yai.

- Phra Kamwajacharn and Phra Samu Khem are from Wat Chong Lom (Na Kluea), currently belonging to the Thammayut sect. Phra Ajarn Klub is from Wat Santitharawat (Wat Thung Lahan). At the Ubosot of Wat Huay Yai,

- Phra Anusuan Nachan and Phra Achan Roh gave him the Buddhist nickname "Phattako".

After Luang Pho Kaan was ordained, he stayed at Wat Huay Yai in order to concentrate on studying and training in the scriptures, endeavoring to follow the Dharma and Discipline of the Lord Buddha, with the aim of fulfilling his duties to the fullest as a Buddhist ordained monk. Luang Pho Kaan continued his studies until he graduated with a bachelor's degree in dharma. During the 3rd Buddhist Lent, he passed the Master's degree in Dharma, and in the 4th Buddhist Lent, he passed the first-level Buddhist Dharma examination respectively. After passing the first-level dharma exam, he continued his studies to the second level.


Reflecting on his intense practice, there is reliable evidence that he have undergone at least two important ordination periods. In 1941, the first ordination took place when he became a newly ordained monk. During this time, Luang Pho Kaan sought experience in the field of ordination by practicing in the Northeast region of Thailand. He had the opportunity to worship important Buddhist artifacts such as the Buddha's relics and the Buddhist scriptures at Saraburi province, and he traveled to Nakhon Ratchasima province, Udon Thani province, and crossed into Laos. Throughout the ordination period, he had the opportunity to study Dharma and the teachings of many teachers. Afterward, he returned to Wat Huay Yai.

Entrusting oneself as a disciple

Luang Pho Kaan has always been dedicated to studying and seeking knowledge. On one occasion, he decided to entrust himself as a disciple to Luang Pho Hom at Chak Mak Temple in Rayong Province. Despite having passed away, Luang Pho Hom's reputation and auspicious things continue to be popularly worshipped to this day. During his time as a disciple, Luang Pho Kaan studied Dharma discussion and underwent training in spiritual meditation under Luang Pho Hom's guidance. This led to a strong conviction within him to seek the path of enlightenment.


Rank and Administrative Work:

BE (unknown year): Passed the Dhamma exam and received a Dhamma Level I at Wat Huay Yai, Bang Lamung District.
BE 2485 (1942): At the age of 23, in the third year of monkhood, passed the Dhamma exam and received a Dhamma Level II at Wat Huay Yai, Bang Lamung District.
BE 2486 (1943): At the age of 24, in the fourth year of monkhood, passed the Dhamma exam and received a Dhamma Level III at Wat Huay Yai, Bang Lamung District.

Administrative work:
BE - Served as the abbot of Wat Huay Yai.
BE - Became a Phra Kammatthana teacher (Act-Announcing Teacher).
BE - Becam
e a Phra Upatchaya (Preceptor).

Development work:

BE - Luang Pho Kaan recounted that in the past, before he became the abbot, Wat Huay Yai was a temple with a thatched roof. He demolished it and rebuilt it with every single baht donated by the laity. He also built another pavilion and, along with it, constructed a mortuary and a kitchen. Luang Pho Kaan developed Wat Huay Yai from a dilapidated temple into a beautiful and prosperous one, which was entirely his accomplishment.

BE - Luang Pho Kaan had built many temples, such as Wat Na Jomtien, Wat Thung Lahan, and Wat Cha Kang Ngaew, all of which he and the laity had jointly helped construct.

BE - Luang Pho Kaan realized that traveling on the roads was still difficult. Therefore, he decided to develop and build a road with the help of the laity. The road ran from Na Jomtien to Baan Bung and was a total distance of 8 kilometers, which was successfully completed and still serves as a thoroughfare to this day.

In 2494 BE, Luang Pho Kaan was determined to spread Buddhism far and wide, and he did not let anything stop him. He played a key role in the construction of "Wat Thep Butr", and it was he who gave the temple its name. According to Luang Pho Kaan's account, the temple had already been built by elderly locals, with a man named "Phrom" Ketjaroon as the initiator. When Luang Pho Kaan was consulted about what to name the temple, he suggested "Thep Butr" because the founder's name was "Phrom". Thus, the temple was named "Wat Thep Butr" and it has been known as such ever since.

Death (Pass away)

At 10:00 am on September 13, 2006, Rear Admiral Urairawan Pradit, Director of the Hospital Administration Division of Somdet Phra Nang Chao Sirikit Hospital, Royal Thai Navy Medical Department, in Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, announced that Phra Khru Phattharakitwibul (Luang Pho Kaan Patko) of Wat Huai Yai Marnphaporn had passed away. He had been receiving medical treatment since September 8, 2006.

Phra Khru Phattharakitwibul (Luang Pho Kaan Patko), who was 86 years old and had been ordained for 67 years, passed away on September 13, 2549 BE at 00:30 due to old age.

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