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located at Huayyai sub-district Banglamung District Chonburi Province

Wat Huay Yai will have people born in the year of "Pi Chong" year.  (is a belief in Chinese astrology that believes human destiny depends on the movement of the "Tai Sui" god. If in that year, the Tai Sui god overlaps with the zodiac sign of any individual, it is considered the Pi Chong year for that person, which has an impact on their life. If we were to make a simple comparison, Pi Chong year is similar to our "downward cycle" period.) Come and join the prayer ceremony to exorcise the misfortune Enhance the horoscope of Bang Sakul as- Bang Sakul died and received the holy water for a great fortune.

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An easily angered person has strong anger.
One who has karma
is difficult to get angry and their anger is mild
This is one that has merit.


"If you can think, please help think. If you cannot think, help do.
If you cannot do, cooperate.
If you cannot cooperate, give encouragement.
If you cannot give encouragement, give peace."

"Somdet Phra Ariyavongsagatayan,
Somdet Phra Sangkharat Sakonlamahasanparinayok"
Amphorn Mahateo)


Good or bad resides in our actions, 
not in the auspicious or inauspicious moment in time. 
It's our actions
that make time good or bad.

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